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Adding efficiency and value to daily campaign reporting workflow.

The Solution


An abstract summary was created that captures the current state of the Campaign and offer actions to the user. After a series A abstract

to interviews with users we discovered that MOPS team members in fact were ask daily for updates and would go back and make manual changes to existing word docs to save laborious steps of 1-6 however often the campaign and it’s associated interaction would change enough that MOPS would need to recompile the entire summary several times in a week.


The solution compiles the following for the marketing operations team members.


  1. Campaign Name

  2. Campaign IDTotal Interactions

  3. Number as of date pulled

  4. Listing of Interaction by Name, ID, and Interaction Run Count (targeted subscribers)

  5. Action: Copy as text

  6. Action: Email Summary

  7. Action: Close Summary

Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

The Problem


Currently in OneRM Campaign management are the MOPS or Marketing Ops Team members are required throughout the day and lifetime of the campaign to report on the status of campaigns and the associated interactions, their individual status, and the current targets (PUID or subscribers) accurately reached.


The Tasks required


The current platform is limited in if features in the area of offering concise and consolidated summaries for reporting or otherwise. Currently, for a MOPS team member to report on an average campaign with seventeen interactions (jobs) one must visit seventeen different pages in the platform. Approximately 2-3 clicks are required to reach the individual interaction summaries to accomplish this task. Then and a team member must copy the individual interaction summaries and consolidate them to a word document and reformat the document.


To complete this task can take as long at one hour or as little as fifteen minutes. With as many as 50 campaigns monthly a team can save a great amount of time by finding an effective alternative to this series of mundane tasks weekly. Additionally, as the campaigns evolve daily, weekly, and monthly.


Task list:

  1. User must select the campaign

  2. User must select the interaction

  3. User must click the “View summary” Icon

  4. User must view and select the summary information

  5. User must copy the summary content

  6. User must past content into word doc

  7. Repeat 1-6 for every interaction

  8. User must format content in word

  9. User must copy and paste content into an email

  10. User must click send to CXM at Microsoft


Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

The Refined UI


Now the new UI enhancements, the MOPS teams can access the Abstracted Summary / Status from two separate locations.

  1. Directly from the campaign and accessible on the second click.

  2. Directly from the summary page when adding additional interactions or while preforming edits to the campaign.


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Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

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