UX UI  - Case Study


Anchoring the OneRM platform header with new a UX UI experience

Expanded color pallet


Expanding on the existing color palette several new colors have been added including active inactive colors for text and buttons as well as rollover solutions for micro-interactions.


Before the CSS overhaul (27" monitors)

CASE STUDY - Microsoft



Redmond, WA USA

The Problem


The OneRM Platform is exiting a (POC) proof of concept phase and marketers are in daily of its features. It's time to grow up and look like a real platform and this inclueds the masthead of the system.


This challenge will come in a series of phases which will ultimately land the platform with a completely different visual space from it’s current state. The first phase of this approach will be a migration away from a POC look. Our hope, is to add a sense of softness to lessen the cognitive load and to make the platform feel more open and organized.

Before the CSS overhaul (27" monitors)

The Solution


Shown to right is the new header with integrated camplaign filter. 



Before the CSS overhaul (27" monitors)

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