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CASE STUDY - Microsoft



Redmond, WA USA

Exploring the future of interactivity in campaign managment and UI Design

The Solution


Widgets were used and a small development test to see in fact if this idea may in fact make sense for a more interactive experience. Users were questioned and enough positive feedback was recovered to justify looking at how cards might look and feel in an interface design. Instating widgets and cards is some ways off however the design and ideation on this has resulted in positive feedback and user excitement for the concept of the existing GUI.

Interactive campaign cards


An abstract summary was created that Given our users are on campus and in the building we build in we are blessed with immediate access to their needs and ideas! Interactive cards were ideated with the users in whiteboard sessions. While immense features can be leveraged against such technologies this exorcise was focused on what the future interactivity of the platform “could be”.


Shown above and to the right. 

1. Long campaign cards

2. Short campaign cards, some to be used in a "HUD mode".

3. Campaign interactions cards in the "Open Position".

4. OneRM GUI with Navigation open

Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

Other possible Brand Approved 

color options. 


OneRM is be part a global reorg currently underway in Microsoft. Many small projects like this one are being consolidated. OneRM is being moved to the Universal Store division. As such color adaptation to that division is being explored

Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

The Problem


CRM software is confusing to use and generally not fun and offer little if any interactivity. Often, the concepts of targeting an audience for instance, are challenging to understand. Most users, given the opportunity to speak freely, would admit to having experienced high levels of frustrations with CRM platforms over the years.


As the evolution of the platform continues ideation session are occurring more frequently with user to understand these frustrations as well as advantages of new competitors. These sessions are relatively new however many interesting ideas have surfaced. One idea in particular is interactive “cards”. The Idea that all campaigns can be interactively dragged and recognized by the user and stack ranked for different purposes. This ability would allow users that react differently to software and organization to work on the system in their own unique ways.

Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

Shown above: The current test UI








Shown below: Whiteboarding for interactive card and their design use patterns

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