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A cognitive impact review & UX UI overhaul to campaign search results and navigation

The Solution


After conducting user interviews and white board sessions with marketers a rough Idea was first sketched out. One critical discovery was made in discussions with markers. We discovered that there was just too much information. This was having an impact and causing confusion on the day-to-day use of this page. Compassion for the user in their day-to-day tasks they need to complete has had impact on the design. 



Before the CSS overhaul (15" monitors)

CASE STUDY - Microsoft



Redmond, WA USA

The Problem

MOPS or Marketing operations teams are now utilize the OneRM platform on a daily basis. There are over 20+ operations engineers creating campaigns and segmented interactions (jobs) within new and existing campaigns daily. On average each engineer will create and alter in upwards of fifty (20-50) campaign interactions per month. Each campaign may contain as many as thirty interactions or as few as two. With that said Understanding which campaigns are yours and finding them easily from a visual perspective is very important.


Before the CSS overhaul (27" monitors)

The Platform is exiting a (POC) proof of concept phase and marketers are in daily of its features. Some user feedback has conveyed issues regarding confusing visual organisation as well as an intimidation factor. The client has asked us for a CSS/Design overhaul of all font spacing within cells, cell and table design, as well as colors and interactions in hopes to open up the breathable space and making the platform or approachable.


This challenge will come in a series of phases which will ultimately land the platform with a completely different visual space from it’s current state. The first phase of this approach will be a migration away from a POC look. Our hope, is to add a sense of softness to lessen the cognitive load and to make the platform feel more open and organized.

Before and after Solution - Phase One

Wide Screens 27"



Befor and after solution - Phase One

Small screens 15"



Final Solution - Phase Two

Wide Screens 27"



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