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The Solution


After conducting user interviews and white board sessions with marketers a rough Idea was first sketched out. Shown to the right is one wire frame out of several presented. As the current OneRm POC (Proof of concept) is in use, and an investment in training is underway, a decision was made to NOT deviate visually to far from the original task flow and to rather focus in cognitive load reduction and UI best practices integration. 

The Wire Frames


Several solutions were presented that solved the problem in different ways in Axure RP. A "lighter softer" visual feel was chosen by business.

The wire frame was selected

Pivot flow navigation 

A overall pivot flow navigation was chosen in alignment with Microsoft best practices for the overarching campaign build process. This navigation was merged with the header to save space and consolidate white space on the page as well as to increase the visual work space.


Pivot flow tasks

At the next level the user can perform two more task choices. Query Builder or Create a Custom Query via scope script. Pivots were chosen here as well.

The refined UI application


Due to the high level of cognitive overload on the POC an interest in "Softening" the visual impact via color pallet and spatial use was a priority. Second, leveraging the existing Microsoft best practices in UI and customizing those practices lead to some interesting solutions in button design show above.


View in InVision

Mid Sprint Feature additions


Mid sprint several new features were added and a fast UX&UI solution was needed. To the right you will see the new POC coded features. Above in the slides you will see the consolidated UX and UI. 


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Bringing ease-of-use to a sophisticated audience builder

The Problem


Query Builder is a kendo based solution. This solution was chosen as an interactive frontend for building interactive audiences that can be used for audience gathering on a big data CRM platform. In the image to the right is the POC V2.0 in its raw form.


The cognitive load to the user is amplified by the confusion of the big data terminology required to make such an intreractive build possible easly. Additionally, the abundance of visible table borders and confusing cell spacing has added to the visual overload. The challenge is to determine what's important to the user in the journey and define these tasks associated with the (audience) or query building process.


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