Processing - An Apple TV Screen saver using geometry and colorfield theory

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Creating a loop-able Apple TV Screensaver using Processing. 

Using Processing, a derivative of JavaScript, it's possible to create a loopable screensaver in almost any aspect ratio. Below is a quick video demonstration of how processing can be used to create a living piece of color field artwork. This color fieldwork is designed with if-then statements that split the screen in half allowing for random decision making to be generated by the computer. These random decisions are based on three separate shapes and their positioning based on their random size chosen by the computer program.


Additionally, further complexity has been adjusted in terms of the shapes fill transparency and stroke transparency. The Fill transparency has been adjusted so that a slow build-up can be experienced out of frame rate of approximately 5,000 screens per second or shapes per second. Additionally, the outline of the shapes has been sent to transparency as well with the least transparent stroke shape being the quad shape or the final shape to be laid down before the system starts the process over again.


In time, I think it would be a lot of fun to experiment with a very large wall screen and plotter so that viewers could choose a point in time where  once they have experience to the color-field build and have found a point in time they like to capture permanently, they could hit print with a button and Export out a plotter current for themselves.


Thanks for exploring this page and this hopefully will be one of the first of many visual experiments utilizing processing and animated color field exploration. 

The code that makes it possible.

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