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Testing for efficiency gains and cognitive improvements using a hypothesis-driven design process.

A Hypothesis-Driven Design and Testing

The industry and its challenges

A fast-paced industry with legal and privacy concerns like GDPR and changes affecting countries and thousands of corporations have caused a product development ordeal to contend with.


In the field of marketplace IT security, it may be safe to say that no one is happy. The demands of corporations to protect consumers from fraudulent products has never been higher. The changing landscape in the European Union with respect to GDPR Is an ever-evolving legal minefield that may take years to solve for with respect to privacy rights. The frustration levels are high, and landscape of focused startups looking to break into the industry is growing.

MarkMonitor is one company that stands out from the pack in the sense that they offer comprehensive Multi-Channel protection services. MarkMonitor services protect clients across anti-counterfeiting, IP protection, partner compliance, anti-piracy, anti-piracy streaming protection, anti-fraud and fishing,-anti-fraud and malware, as well as anti-fraud dark web cyber intelligence services.

Due to this comprehensive coverage and changing legal landscape, the ability to make changes to internal software platforms but be fast, accurate, and deliver dividends to the user in terms of an improved UX is really important as the ability to revisit features in need may take months and involve vast feature evolution. 



The Problem - Many ways to view data and no management tool

The data grid on the Brand Protection module is supported by Kendo. The Grid area takes up 80% of the visible screen size used by the analyst. There are several key issues.

Key Issues

  1. A reduction in the cognitive-load aspect of the current data-grid and overall visual expereince.

  2. Improvements to the Visual Scalability of the data-grid (UI improvements)

  3. Grid management controls, currently they do not exist.

  4. There are over 50 column types. More than (100) new custom column types are slated to be available to customers in mid-2019 bringing the total to 150+. Companies often look at data and analys data uniquely. Therefore companies require their data to be addressed uniquely. 

  5. The creation of improved (IA) Information Architecture by creating column families and mapping associated columns to new families.

  6. Improved UX Labeling and content writing.

  7. Associated training documentation

Hypothesis-driven design: How we achieved the solution

Problem - There no columns management tool and custom views management tool available to users to edit and manage the data grid in an efficient manner. One reoccurring complaint is that the user must scroll horizontally repeatedly to locate and move columns to the order they desire.


Note: The ability to modify custom views currently doesn't exist. If the view is wrong it must be deleted and resaved.

Hypothesis 1 - We believe that eliminating horizontal scrolling, column header dragging to customize the data grid for Analysts and CSMs will achieve vast efficiency gains in time to create custom views


Hypothesis 2 - We believe that adding a grid management tool to customize the data-grid for Analysts and CSMs will achieve an efficiency gain in time to modify existing custom views.


Hypothesis 2 - We believe that adding a custom view management tool to capture, save, and edit data-grid views for Analysts and CSMs will achieve an efficiency gain in time to modify existing custom views and generate more user trust in the system.

A demonstration of the horizontal scrolling to customize the data-grid columns.

A demonstration turning on and off columns.

Designing prototypes and achieving analyst excitement 

First, a Balsamiq rough prototype was crafted quickly to spark team excitement and a clickable prototype to work through the new workflow and it's an impact to the users (analysts).

Next, a high-fidelity InVision prototype was created to further rationalize the assumptions and continue to build interest and test the experience and digest the feedback.

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.28.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.22.20 PM.png
Testing our Hypothesis:  The results

It's time to test our hypotheses!


We had several hypotheses to test and observe how analyst utilize improvements presented in the Prototype and collect data based on their experience. We invited several analysts to sit down and experiment with the clickable prototype. The video to the right is a small 7 Minutes segment of analyst feedback and conversation around their experience with the prototype. There was both good feedback and bad feedback. Findings were collected and revisions were made to the prototype. This is a great demonstration of the Build - Measure - Learn model.





Overall the receptivity to the improvements to the data-grid and the ability to customize columns and manage those columns within the constructs of the Kendo data-grid seems to be an overwhelming Improvement based on analysts experience. Over 200 analysts use the data grid on a daily basis in the marketplaces module of the MarkMonitor platform. As we continue to evolve this feature on an iterative basis we will continue to place the future in front of users and collect our findings.

Testing participants quotes
This is really going to save us a ton of time in finding data we need quickly.
Senior Analysts at MarkMonitor
...already right now this is a huge improvement having access to small, medium and large. 
Senior Analysts at MarkMonitor
Efficiency gain advantages.

Say hello to Grid Controls. This new feature allows users to access and personalize the grid to their liking quickly and effortlessly.




  1. Grid Controls eliminates horizontal scrolling to address grid customization

  2. Grid Controls allows for fast recording of column orders in the context of families

  3. Grid Controls works with color to assist the user understanding column relationship

  4. Row height is now customizable in a S/M/L

  5. Thumbnails are now customizable to a on/off state

  6. Thumbnails are also accessible via a hover-over feature even when thumbnails are turned off.

Expanded feature workflows

Workflow demonstration of an analyst making grid modifications and saving new views.

save new view.png

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