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Merdging two features into one for efficient heads-up report

The Wire Frames


Several solutions were presented that solved the problem in different ways.


Option 1. This option minimised the cognitive load on the user by hiding the interaction report cards within a different tab. This solution was an obvious one but would have forced the MOPS team members to add hundreds of extra clicks daily should it be instated.

Additionally the cognitive load was further reduced by discovering that MOPS teams had no use for data that was displayed in the "State" column. Therefore that data was removed from the page and captured in the DB.

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Option 2. This option while also minimising the cognitive load on the user focuses more on the users efficiency at completing tasks and monitoring campaign health and filter passing steps.


After learning the user would sit and hit refresh while watching cards update a reload button was added close to the report cards location as well as a occurences forward and backwards button so that they can move quickly from one interaction to the next.

This exercise was specifically focused on addressing the complaints the user had about solving for an ease of use updating solution.


The Solution

Final Comp and UI


Additionally new card UI is also being explored.

The Problem

MOPS or Marketing operations teams have struggled on the OneRM platform with understanding the states of the campaigns they are responsible for. This is mission critical tasking as many of the divisions such at OneNote, Office, and Skype are migrating their enterprise internet marketing campaigns off SalesForce and onto OneRM.


Updated and errored campaigns and associated interactions reports are found in a different website and are monitored by another division. This means that MOPS members need to monitor multiple browsers and URLs consecutively throughout the day. From a development perspective we are uniting the efforts to show MOPS engineers all the data they are looking for all in one shot.


The image to the left top is the OneRM Platform. The bottom image is a Data Services Reporting hub site. The top image is the current state of the interactions reporting MOPS team members use.


During the usability interviews users explained to us that much of their day was spent waiting for systems to confirm that all the filters an interaction or Job needs to pass though is meet accurately. Additionally they spend more time clicking the reload button to watch the systems update. This information was highly useable in achieving a UX application that they were satisfied with.


Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting
Campaign Interaction Occurances Reporting

The Solution


Option 3.  This option  combines both wireframes 1 and 2.  As a solution we have merged technologies from two separate databases into one easy to recognize page. This solution generates reports for marketing operations minute by minute in one easy-to-access location. The reload button has been offered as an interim UX solution while Auto-Reload feature is being developed. This solution was chosen due to the existing habit of using the reload button on the previous proof-of-concept by marketing operations team members. This exercise represents an agile approach to quickly addressing UX and UI solutions in a proof-of-concept environment.


The Solution

Final Comp and UI


Shown is the final Comp produced in Adobe Illustrator CC. The UI changes include a new Pallet Color to the existing OneRM Family as well as the use of more Font Awesome Iconography. The Option 2. wire frames were selected as a "functional solution" for the MOPS teams.


These changes are in the process of going live in March 2016.


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