UXD and UI for Microsoft OneRM - A CRM platform

Wireframing for product development; Microsoft, Groupon, other stelth startups, etc.

A selection of recent original design patterens used in usability design projects.

Legal start, a leading legal docs solution in Paris, realized a substantial consumer interest falloff on their product assumably due to an confusing of user experience. Shown to the left is the original website and creative artwork.

Custom UX Patterns for a E Commerce website both desktop and responsive mobile.

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UX Case Study - School lunch money app

This powerful and simple application solves the age lawn excuse of I I lost my lunch money.

DeloittePixel's enterprise level crowdsourcing solution

Extensive design thinking and ideation session's lead to rough wires  that were ready for final UX & UI design.

UX Case Study - Bing.com in augmented reality

The Future of Search at Bing, Microsoft

UX Personas and persona development

Custom UX Patterns for a reinsurance marketplace.

A complete ground up redesign and UX rethink

Case Study - UX and UI for Seller Active and BookByte

Ground up rethink of a powerful retail control platform for Amazon sellers and more.

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