KSU Masters Project Journal
Week 3

Kent State University - Master's Project Proposal Spring 2018

Smart Kitchen: The Amazon Fresh Refrigerator & Voice based UX integrated Alexa

Week 2

Week 3 - Scope

  • Write a Problem statement

  • Write a Issue statement

  • Write a Method statement

  • Sample Dialogs with Phone Screens - Rough Sketches for an interactive experience with a User, Refrigerator, and Phone Screen.

Problem Statement - Final Draft

How might Prime users source and explore unique foods and recipes via Alexa in the Kitchen? How might our Prime users monitor the use of food quantities, receive instructional guidance, cart and order recipe items, and interact with Alexa in a and consumer appliance to cook?

Example: Alexa, I'm hungry for Butter Chicken!



We want our Prime Members to be exposed to healthy culturally unique foods, access ingredients, and food recipes, all brought to their doorsteps with the added bonus of monitoring all the ingredients via a consumer appliance refrigerator armed with the Alexa AI Platform. 

Issue Statement

Today, competition existed in the Home-foods delivery service and the Meal-kit subscription service sectors that we can easily compete with and provide deeper customer experiences than competitors like Blue Apron, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. Our recent purchase of whole foods and our vast distribution network will allow us to expand our foods services. However, a missing component to the user experience in America's kitchens is exposure to fresh food ideas and preparation instruction in the kitchen.


Consumer's problem

We don't know what we want to eat, where to buy the ingredients, or how to make the recipe, nor do we have the time to figure it out on our own. Therefore I stick to what I know which is boring and predictable. My friends have spent hundreds of dollars on cooking classes. How can I bring that into my kitchen and impress friends with Butter Chicken!

Week 3 - Problem Statment Draft, Issue Statement, Method Statment

Discover and Purchase Journey

Sample Dialogue - Samples for the smart Kitchen


Sample Dialogue 01 - In the example below, a user is utilizing a voice-activated search for solving for dinner for 4. Solution shows the users voice commands to Alexa, as well as visual prompts to the users cell phone.

Sample Dialogue 01.2 - Discover Butter Chicken and the required ingredients

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4
Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4

Sample Dialogue 01.3 - Revised Week 3

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4

Sample Dialogue 01.4 - Revised Week 4

Other possible journies

Sample Dialogue 02 - Reorder food from your Refrigerator

Sample Dialogue 03 What’s on my grocery list


Sample Dialogue 04 Add "This" to my grocery list


Sample Dialogue 05 Readme my grocery list


Sample Dialogue 06 Show me choices I have for butter... Place the Order


Sample Dialogue 06.2 Remove the butter and add this other butter


Sample Dialogue 07 Place some of the ingredients into my cart and order them.


Sample Dialogue 08 What's the delivery date for those ingredients i just ordered?

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