KSU Masters Project Journal
Week 5

Kent State University - Master's Project Proposal Spring 2018

Smart Kitchen: The Amazon Fresh Refrigerator & Voice based UX integrated Alexa

Week 5 - Scope

  • Revise Sample Dialogs - Video of how to cook butter chicken

  • Read the Alexa Skill Builder’s Guide - 10 Things Every Alexa Skill Should Do

  • Review, Research Machine Learning possibilities - Google Developers machine learning on YouTube

  • User Research
    A. Write Interview qualifications

    B. Write a moderated set of interview questions are crossed multiple user dimensions from historical food delivery experience, artificial intelligence use, and culinary exploration.

    C. Perform Research on 3-5 participants

Education  Sample Dialogue 

Sample Dialogue 003 - VUI to user educational journey (How to cook Butter Chicken)

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4

UX Research

Recruit 3-5 participants for a short recorded moderated Qand A interview.
Interviews to be recorded via MP3 - TBD


Qualified User Matrix

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4



  1. Do you Cook Regularly? Y-N

    1. If N  - Disqualify

  2. Have you ever had foods delivered to you that are ready to cook or cooked? Y-N

    1. If Y - What drove you to use a food delivery/prep company?

  3. Have you Ever used Amazon Alexa?

    1. If Y - What do you historically use Alexa for most?

  4. Do you search for new recipes and ingredients regularly online? Y-N

    1. If Y - Proceed

  5. Income of $120 + Y-N

    1. If N - Consider Disqualify

  6. Have you ever owned a property?

    1. If N - Consider Disqualify

User research questions

Topic: New food styles - Exploration

  1. When it comes to exploring new foods and new food recipes in the kitchen what's most important to you?

  2. What are your greatest fears of exploring new foods and food recipes?

  3. How do you look for new food recipes and styles of cooking?

    Follow-up question: What would prevent you from exploring new food recipes and styles of cooking


  4. What food Styles interest you the most? Why?

    Japanese or sushi

    Follow-up question: What food styles are missing that excite you?

    Topic: New food styles - Education

  5. What's most intimidating about exploring new foods? Why?

  6. When it comes to learning to new styles of cooking, what level would you describe yourself?  

    1-10 1 being Canned beans and 10 being Emeril Lagasse.


  7. What do you feel like stops you from learning new recipes on a weekly basis?

  8. What do you feel excites you the most about learning new recipes?

  9. Have you ever taken a cooking class? If so tell me about it. What helped you the most?

  10. Tell me about a cooking tip you picked up once and how you learned it.

Topic: New Ingredients & Delivery

  1. If new food ingredients could be delivered weekly, how frequently would you make time to explore and learn new recipes?

    Follow up: Would you expect recipes to be included with your ingredients delivery?


  2. How do you feel about using new ingredients you're unfamiliar with?

  3. Tell me about the last meal you made where you used an ingredient that was new to you.

    Follow up: What was the outcome?


  4. If it were possible to have new ingredients and recipes delivered weekly, how frequently do you think you would explore and create new foods?

    A. More than 3 times a week

    B. Several times a week
    C. Weekly
    D. Twice a month
    E. Once a Month

    Topic: AI in the KITCHEN

  5. If you could have an (AI) artificial intelligence in the kitchen that could assist you in step by step creation of new foods and new food recipes on a level of one to 10, how exciting do you think this would be?

    1-10 1 being Not Very Exciting and 10 being BAM! Super Exciting!


  6. How would you feel about an AI Cooking assistant and what might that look like to you?


Interviews & Findings

Interview 01 - Janaca J.  April 22, 2018 - The participant was vegan.  

Janika - Partisipant 1 Vegan - Janika - Partisipant 1 Vegan
00:00 / 00:00
  • Income - Less than $120K

  • Loves cooking regularly.

  • Never had foods delivered

  • Familiar with AI

  • Has owned a property in the past.

Findings from the interview


  1. Recipies must be vegan (No animal products) Health and ethical reasons.

  2. No fears in exploring new foods.

  3. "Loves trying new foods. It's fun!" "Veganizing" old favorites like Lasania.

  4. Follows Vegan Blogs and writers. 

  5. Loves Mediterranian and Mexican and Italian and Thia foods

  6. Cooking new things is not intimidating but maybe time limiting.

  7. Looks at herself as a 6 out of 1-10

  8. Loves experimenting and farmers markets.

  9. See's herself as a "Spice Ninja"

  10. Like to introducing her creation to friends... Feeding others makes her happy.

  11. Has taken a cooking class. Wine pairing with foods and how wines affect foods.

  12. Cooking tips from YouTube Videos
    How 2s from her fav bloggers.

  13. Would make time to cook more if foods were delivered to her home

  14. Doesn't expect a recipe to included with a delivery of food

  15. Last new ingredients used in a lasagna, she used Tofu as a cheese.

  16. She's not home much as a flight attendant. Not into prepared foods delivered. Not into frozen meals.

  17. She brings 90% of her food on the road in a cooler on the airplane. Lasagna and casseroles freeze well.

  18. AI in the kitchen would be very exciting 10 out of 1-10 See's it as being very helpful.

  19. AI cooking assistant would be super fun! 

  20. AI command of choice would be "Surprise Me" Asking the AI to find a food recipe her to try.

Interview 02 - Rob  April 26, 2018 - The participant was vegan.  

Rob - Participant 2 - Rob - Participant 2
00:00 / 00:00
  • Income was not asked due to respect for my neighbor (Estimate at $140K)

  • love to share with friends and Loves cooking regularly sailor style

  • Never had foods delivered

  • Familiar with AI (Alexa)

  • Has owned a property in the past.

  • Is very conservative with food leftovers

  • doesn't like spicy foods

Findings from the interview


  1. Rob and his wife love fresh veggies and seafood

  2. been in IT for his carrier

  3. Never had foods delivered

  4. Has an iPhone

  5. loves Chinese foods

  6. wouldn't make a spicy dish

  7. doesn't like red meats much

  8. Look on Google for new recipes

  9. Doesn't follow any chefs or authors in the cooking world

  10. Advertising bothers him on recipes sites

  11. Like Mexican Chinese foods

  12. Uncommon items are a turnoff to looking at new recipes

  13. 1-10 he looks at himself as a 5 as an intermediate chef

  14. Time is an element in trying new recipes, access to ingredients

  15. loves to share foods with his family and friends

  16. Not seasonally driven

  17. Never taken a cooking class

  18. Picked up tips in cooking over the years

  19. Would be open to new food experimenting weekly

  20. Open to trying new foods and drinks but can't name any in the last year he tried

  21. in the last year, Carrot cake was made for his daughter and took pictures of the cake

  22. Creativity/exploring new foods may go up if the ingredients where delivered

  23. Not sure how AI can be useful in the kitchen

  24. An AI cooking assistant in the kitchen might be interesting. (Response better to a cooking assistant vs AI)

  25. AI value added - Finding foods substitutes, substitutes for food allergies, Ingredients Lists, and in Cooking in Sequence would be seen as being very helpful to Rob.

Interview 03 - Evelyn April 26, 2018 - She was driving during the interview

Evelyn - Partisipant 3 - Evelyn - Partisipant 3
00:00 / 00:00

Note: Evelyn was driving during this interview and the reception was spotty at times. The participant had problems hearing the conversation time to time.


  • Income - Greater than $120K

  • Loves cooking regularly.

  • Never had foods delivered but picks up food weekly

  • Familiar with AI and Amazon Alexa

  • Has owned a property in the past.


Findings from the interview


  1. Evelyn is athletic and loves cooking

  2. She has used AI in the past

  3. Fresh Produce the Healthing Protines are important

  4. Looks to Pinterest and Epicurious, and All recipes

  5. Photos are great online but not too many

  6. "Taestability" Like Flavourful foods

  7. Not intimidated by new foods or recipes (Accessibility of the ingredients)

  8. Describes herself as 8-9 on a 1-10 scale

  9. Time is a factor in looking at new recipes

  10. Evelyn plans out the entire week's foods and meals on Sunday for the entire week

  11. Says that AI may be very helpful in planning meals in the kitchen

  12. Seems on the fence about AI in the kitchen

  13. Is excited about the anticipation of new foods in the kitchen.

  14. Not usually disappointed when trying new recipes.

  15. Yes, has taken cooking classes (Upsell Idea? Cooking classes???)

  16. Used a Rou as a cooking tip that stood out... 

  17. Loves the Mindfulness of the Cooking and Prep of the experience of cooking, not just the eating...

  18. Evelyn Picks up foods weekly from a local small business (Grocer) "Shipt" Meats are not good.

  19. Onsundays she and her spouse make a long list of what they need for the week.

    UI Idea - Meal prep and Calendar driven planning for the week and ingrediant list/cart cost estimation.


  20. She failed to see the advantage of time savings of delivery. Time is a HUGE Issue for them both.

  21. AI in the Kitchen - 1-10 Answer:5 

  22. AI as a cooking assistant - She was excited about a AI Cooking assistant... Reminders and follow along cooking in an "integrated system" Predicting what she needs and things on sale that she could be saving $ on. 

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