KSU Masters Project Journal
Week 6

Kent State University - Master's Project Proposal Spring 2018

Smart Kitchen: The Amazon Fresh Refrigerator & Voice based UX integrated Alexa

Week 6 - Scope

  • Review findings and add in the new consolidated MVP Features list acquired from the interview findings. (Shown Below)

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  • 10 Alexa skills you've got to try

Interviews & Findings and possible feature ideas

Interview 01 - Janaca J.  April 22, 2018 - The participant was vegan.  

Janika - Partisipant 1 Vegan - Janika - Partisipant 1 Vegan
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Possible Feature Insights


  1. Ability to share your creations with friends. Share on social media

  2. The ability to invite friends over to share your meal view SMS or formed email.

  3. Cooking classes

  4. Cooking Tips

  5. Note taking - VUI Command "Alexa, Take a note. Alter the amount of Cuman to 2 teaspoons from 1 teaspoon."

  6. VUI Commands like "Alexa, Surprise me" with a food interest or recipe.

Interview 02 - Rob  April 26, 2018 - The participant was vegan.  

Rob - Participant 2 - Rob - Participant 2
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Possible Feature Insights


  1. Conservative Advertising that is nonobtrusive. 

  2. Accurate ingredient lists

  3. Accurate Directions

  4. Possible Food pages with photos and ingredients lists.

  5. Tip bar or list. A list of tips and tools that may be required.

Interview 03 - Evelyn April 26, 2018 - She was driving during the interview

Note: Evelyn was driving during this interview and the reception was spotty at times. The participant had problems hearing the conversation time to time.

Evelyn - Partisipant 3 - Evelyn - Partisipant 3
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Possible Feature Insights


  1. UI Idea - Meal prep and calendar-driven planning for the week and ingredient list/cart cost estimation.

  2. Taste Factor level

  3. Food selector wizard screen: A Screen the uses slider bars to narrow in on food dishes. 

  4. Alerts and email messages about upcoming dinners and or meals that are on your calendar.

  5. Reminders to order ingredients that you may have forgot to order. 

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