KSU Masters Project Journal
Week 4

Kent State University - Master's Project Proposal Spring 2018

Smart Kitchen: The Amazon Fresh Refrigerator & Voice based UX integrated Alexa

Week 4 - Scope

Week 4 

Design Tenants

  1. We design with personas in mind. Mom Dad, Child 1, Ect. "Alexa, switch to my favorites!"

  2. Magic is possible. We like to make people say Wow!

  3. We infuse hope and excitement by including customers in on innovative Partnership programs with cool new foods companies!

  4. Feedback is our friend. Both good and bad. We fail fast and get back on track!

  5. Integration with other Brands and Services should work and instills confidence (API integrations)

  6. Cause our members to post their accomplishments and creations with family and friends!

  7. Security is a paramount, especially with kids in the home. Demonstrate we care about their privacy data within the UI.

  8. Feedback is our friend.

  9. Latency = Trust. Strive to be fast! Users should never wait for data requests. Latency erodes trust. (Search)

  10. Minimalism is our friend. Less is best. If the user didn’t ask for it. Remove it or think thoughtfully.

  11. Visual Scanning must to be easy on the eyes, high contrast, mature, and sophisticated.

  12. Design for prolonged use and long pauses. This will allow users to use the product longer, be more efficient, and learn new skills.

  13. Strive to be intuitive and answer questions before they are asked.

Discover and Purchase Journey

Sample Dialogue - Samples for the smart Kitchen

Sample Dialogue 01.4 - Revised Week 4

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4

Sample Dialogue 002 - VUI User inquiry into missing ingredients and purchase

Sample Dialogue 01 - VUI search for for dinner for 4

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