Custom UX Patterns for a Asian Pacific Rim leader in doctor-patient mobile communication  

Ground up new UX and UI for the 5th largest doctor-patient mobile communication B2B platform and the Asian Pacific rim.


With live chat been acting as the backbone of Doctors Gatis, a B2B physician-patient solution available to companies with employees working offshore or remotely, Doctors Gatis, relies heavily on patient physician chat and video interaction.

The Problem

User interviews led to usability and insights

Daniel Outdoors is small start up with great potential. The founder of this start up approached us for a complete overhaul of their platform. Currently they are leveraging existing design patterns off-the-shelf from magneto. Not only was Daniel outdoors looking for design pattern revamp but also a complete e-commerce redesign as well as rebranding. Daniel outdoors chose the terminology of improve my as the future of their Branding solution.

The Solution

Listing pattern with up-sell option to customer of a free shipping offer via the gun-club, a feature designed to log all of a users guns for dynamic search results listings for time saving searches.

Video UX of the chat experience
Gun Club member pattern

User interviews led to usability and insights

After performing user interviews, in addition to ethnographic observation via video recorded interviews, it was found that users were looking for several aspects of information that were not currently in existence.

  • Clear and consistent pricing

  • A way to save the Items they liked

  • The Fit of the Gun models they had in relation to the items they were viewing

  • The # of rounds the Items addressed

  • The material the products were made from

  • The warranty information

  • Clear and consistent shipping options.

Two design patterns were developed initially for web-based responsive usage. The first pattern included an up-sell option for the consumer whereby they could join a gun club that would allow them to experience additional functionality. These new features leveraged the ability to form a “gun rack” so that the user can save all their gun types easily within the system. This concept was inspired by similar functionality on the internet in the motorcycle platforms (ie. My Garage).

The second design pattern reflects a user who has paid for a gun club membership. This gun club membership remind the user on every product of you but they will be receiving the benefits of their membership. This is a powerful benefit being free shipping for one year.


Patterns in use repeated
Product page patterns in use 
Mobile product and product page patterns in use and clickable flows in InVision app. 
Support images
Mobile product usability flows - Product search and filter
Mobile product usability flows - Adding guns to your collection
Mobile Category location A-B Testing - responsive mobile set up for consumer browsing & shopping
Responcive desktop product usability flows
Responcive desktop product usability flows - Product pages and Cart Flow

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