Microsoft OneRM CRM Platform 

MSOneRm - One Client Relationship


OneRm is next generation marketing automation platform leveraging both subscription and consumer usage data in a real-time event-based environment.


OneRm represents a key MSFT investment for the Office division at Microsoft. Marketers can design, build, and trigger highly targeted/personalized marketing campaigns to millions of consumers efficiently effectively across the legacy product line that arm stakeholders with live statistics and campaign results enabling someday decision making.

Microsof MSOneRM


Redmond, WA USA

InVision App Mockups

GridPage Campaigns 

and Interactions mockup

Campaign build workflow process mockup

Campaign Managment

alternate navigation mockup

Campaign Managment -campaign summary solution for operations efficiency

Campaign Managment - Campaign Filter Drawer & Header solution

Campaign Managment - Query Builder mockup Draft1.0

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