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UX Research
Tools used at OpSec Security.
Examples of tools used in collecting and compiling findings for product teams.

Sr. Analyst Persona


The persona writing: Meet Chris, a Lead-Analyst at OpSec - At OpSec, the analysts the primary user of the band protection module. Internally, there are 220+ analysts working on an hourly basis for customers around the globe. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 9.22.08 AM.png

Story Mapping


Comprehensive story mapping (affinity mapping) as a strategy tool. As a team, we worked diligently to develop user stories in every segment of the product line. 

Journey Mapping


Comprehensive user Journey mapping was initiated as a tool before the redesign of the workflow systems for the analysts.

Customer Journey Map Template.jpg

Workflow Chart (Mapping)


I'm a paragraph. I'm connected to your collection through a dataset. Click Preview to see my content. To update me, go to the Data Manager.


Lean 6 Sigma Analysis


It takes a team. While at OpSec, we used a Six Sigma consultant to assist in the workflow revamp. However, this is just another layer of data that needed to be interpreted into the pool. Success measures in "task cycles" were set and the goal of breaking the workflow up into digestible chunks was made.

Before 6sig.png

Workflow loss and KPI Creation


A stopwatch, some lite Microsoft Excel skills, and a revamped workflow led to usability KPIs that resulted in a projected recuperation of $1.5 million in man-hours annually.
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