UX Design and Research

User Research - ToDo Reminder App

Conducting User Research To Develop Understanding Research Approach and Findings - Interview Reports

KSU UX Research - Tobii Eye Tracking Technology

Insight: The gaze opacity map, to the right, very quickly suggests that 100% of the participants looked in predominantly one area on the screen. The high-contrast navigational elements, tabs, and search box area were their primary areas of focus.

Two Design Examples of the Gulf of extension and Evaluation

Positive Experience Desktop Application with the Gulf of Evaluation with Microsoft & Negative Experience Desktop Application with the Gulf of Execution with Google Mail

Formative User Testing Plan for ReminderX

For individuals were interviewed in a simple manner and a casual setting. Before the interview started I explained that this was a followup interview to a first round of interviews designed to collect information about what users might be looking for with respect to an organizational application.

TODo Reminder App - Hand Wires for mobile app

Hand rendered basic user flow wires to demonstrate the basic flow of the app.

ToDo Reminder App - User Workflow and Wire Frames

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This is the detailed concept map out my name social media a crossed IOT

Blueprint information architecture Arduino.cc

Sitemap & blueprint assessment and audit

UX Critique - theculturedcup.com

Understanding the organizational structures and schemes associated with the theculturedcup.com

Critiquing the Information Architecture for steepster.com

This website seems to be comprised of several organizational systems, allowing the user to explore teas and teaware from different taxonomies and hierarchies. One fascinating aspect of the organizational system in place allows the user to sort by four different topics.

KSU Student Persona

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Example Letter: UXD letter reaching out to all-corp to support UXD initiatives

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Testing for efficiency gains

Qualitative moderated task-based and observational testing

Persona writing - MarkMonitor Senior Analysts

Deloitte UX Testing

Testing the MVP launch for a HR Research platform.

Coffee Shop Data Set Exploration

Coffee shop observations from 2-13-2016 - Might marketing targeting increase with an understanding of or cultures?

* Work-Flow steps or phases in the process of the determining the free and clear approval and bundled submission to underwriting.

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Simple UX pannel redesign and justification

A tiny critique and redesign for this assignment you'll be evaluating and redesigning a single screen of a user interface.

Corporate Usability Lab Proposal

We've decided to set up an introductory mobile research on-site laboratory, which will allow us to discover customer frustrations across our website before we decide to make radical responsive design changes to accommodate mobile devices.

Remote automated testing using validately.com on Zappos

The website being research to zappos.com. When shopping, users are often looking for specific information in an e-commerce environment. The focus of This research was on observation of specific user tasks regarding drill-down navigation tools concerning search results as well as refinement of search results.

Card sorting and qualitative partisapant interview assessment and site map strategy design

Interpretation of participant data from card sorting grouping and qualitative foundation

Reorganizing Information Architecture and critique for stakeholers of the cooltools.com website

Chronological Homogenous Scheme (Editor driven by Highest Most Recent) - Driven by the audiences “Top Down Chronology”. Add some more info about this item...

Critique of the Information Architecture and working structures of the empirecoffeetea.com

The primary navigational element on the web page contains multiple dimensions of navigation to specific categories of product types presumably based on consumer interests...

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