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Bersin delivers research-based people strategies designed to help leaders drive exceptional business performance.

Extensive design thinking and ideation session's lead to rough wires  that were ready for final UX & UI design.


This innovative approach to maximize in business potential in an online crowdsourcing consultant environment is a game changer for Deloitte consulting. Executive level buy-in at the highest level of Deloitte what's achieved and the platform is currently under development as of 2017.

This platform is specifically designed for project managers at the Lloyd consulting to be able to run create and manage tactical projects that include Creative, IT, programming, and analytics based solutions. Additionally, clients such as Starbucks can also manage and approve as well as maintain long-term engagements through the new platform. One large advantage is the interactive approval process that allows both client and consultant to meet interactively in a collaborative ecosystem specifically designed for scalable project management and creation.

Wireframed concept.

Project Management Control Center

This homepage allows the project manager access to manage all aspects and dimensions of the project that ultimately rolls up to the client. A multitude of interactive cards displaying live results of crowd sourced statistics are available for the project manager at a glance. Total budget spends, as well as action items, and participant engagement can be tracked easily through this page.

Draggable cards for easy mobile use

The summary statistics bars reflect the users five separate combination filter submissions across global contract offerings that are comparable with in the analytic tab by specific date range.

Powerful and engaging in project management at a glance.

Project managers have interactive access to all dimensions of sophisticated projects and client management solutions.

The Problem

Currently, the Deloitte Consultants project manage across a variety of Microsoft products and platforms. Additionally, clients manage in their own unique ways. The business goal of the crowdsourced solution is an interactive and powerful project management experience for both consultant and client. Allowing the client and consultant to both have visual, engaging access to all aspects of project health.

The Problem

In the example to the right, William Rosen is the acting Starbucks Program Manager. Starbucks is the client of Deloitte Pixel. The dashboard allows William to manage the existing crowd participants interested in achieving prize money and help his Deloitte Consultants pick winners for the different dimensions of the project. Below the main "card dashboard" William has access to an interactive Gantt chart allowing William to see deep into the week by week project & client goals for Williams stakeholders achievements.

Project management on the go.​

The Deloitte consultants and their clients are extremely busy. Having access to project management solutions on the go is critical for William to manage a multitude of different projects at Deloitte from his office at Starbucks. Deloitte vendors across a large projects also have access to the mobile experience to monitor and manage their engagements that may last a year. To the right, an iPhone screen from Williams (Client side) dashboard.

"I'm looking for collaborative experience with my project management team at Deloitte. I need effective feedback regarding the submissions we've put out into the crowd sourced market. We are excited about selecting winners for our ongoing projects globally, collaboratively, with our Deloitte team."

The Solution


Collaborative team efforts allow for fast and easy recorded meetings and sophisticated client management solutions for global teams within the broader Deloitte ecosystem.

The Solution Team based Collaboration

William, the Starbucks senior stakeholder is in a meeting with Robert and other double eight consultants associated with the projects William manages. Interactive tools that allow collaborative conversation and visual note-taking help William and his team to make critical decisions that will drive the project through to completion. Skype calls seamlessly interact with this web-based platform allowing the users to record and download easily meeting notes and audio visual recordings.

Stakeholder interaction

Robert, Amira, Karen, and John are the Deloitte consultants associated with the Starbucks projects. As project stakeholders, they have access to powerful collaborative interactive tools allowing them to assist in their client at Starbucks in interactively assessing creative and programmatic assets that roll up into larger projects their client has approved.

The Solution


Scalable stakeholder interactive participation for multi dimensional project approvals.

Powerful personalization based features allow stakeholders access to engage with each other and capture notes, record sessions, and download functional word paste documents for stakeholder action items to be managed.

To the right, William is working with his Deloitte project team to assess the quality of creative as well as changes that need to be made from the designer they selected in the crowd source award process. Amira, has thoughts and ideas on what needs to happen in terms of helping her client achieve the changes in the creative with the designer on the other side of the country.

The Solution


Final project completion of the info graphic Starbucks has selected is graded based on the stakeholder voting.

Together, the project team can help guide the client to make changes across multiple submissions of creative from outside vendors. Below, two submissions have been submitted and the team has made comments and ranked the selection process ultimately choosing a winner on the left-hand side.

The Solution


Deep client access and overview of global project efforts.

William, the program director at Starbucks, has deep insight to multitudes of projects currently under management by the Deloitte team. This global dashboard allows William access to a multitude of different types of projects from creative to architecture Solutions the team is working on that role-up to larger global technical initiatives Starbucks is trying to solve for digitally.

The Solution


This is how enterprise-level crowdsourcing is done.

Deloitte Pixel Is undertaking the future of enterprise-level crowdsourcing solving sophisticated client/consultant relationship needs in project management. This solution is scalable globally and serves an infinite number of projects and consultants in hopes to deliver powerful insight and effective management solutions for clients.

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