UX / UI site and user flow redesign

CASE STUDY - Legal Start Fr.


Paris, France

UX/UI Case Study - Paris based legal docs usability rethink with positive results.

The Problem
The Solution

A-B Testing results

After A.B testing over 30 days with 6k users against the new design and the old design the following results emerged. 

  • +11.54% (97.8% reliability) of users starting a form (which was the primary goal) = from 21.5% to 24% reliability rate.

  • Also +12.3% (80% reliability) users arriving at the checkout page. Older Data form old homepage design: Arrival at checkout page : 7% => new 7.86%


Usability testing showed a consumer falloff.

Legal start, a leading legal docs solution in Paris, realized a substantial consumer interest falloff on their product assumably due to an confusing of user experience. Shown to the left is the original website and creative artwork. It was determined that the cognitive load on the site was far too overbearing and confusing for the customer to navigate through. The ultimate goal of the company was to focus on the green wizard boxes at the top of the page. The problem however was that there were simply too many subcategories and sub pages for the user to find our way through ultimately converting into a high churn rate.

The image to the right the pics the beginning thought process of the UX redesign for legal start. The redesign of the wizard was an essential part of the future success of customers gradually engaging and ultimately taking  ownership and legal documents they begin to create on site. The ultimate goal was to have a successful gradual engagement and adoption of the legal solutions available. Legal starts approach was to allow consumers to create their own legal documents. Thereby creating ownership.

With a focus on the reduction of the cognitive load up the webpage a new fresh easily digestible and redesigned homepage was present. Sections were broken down in order of priority and hierarchy. The wizard at the top of the page was redesigned with high contrast in mind and information hierarchy as well as a reduction of repetitive information from the previous an older design. The results were great.

From 21.5% - 24% to 97.8% reliability rate to start a document.


InVision Mockup of new wizard flow

Start an association.

 the challenge on the sub page which is also a link off of the main homepage wizard, was to explain to the customer the process of recovering funds for their business. The problem is twofold. One, to explain to the customer, their experience of the process as well as the experience of their opponent of of whom they are trying to collect funds from. 

Data visuals were produced custom for both levels of explanation. Branded colors were redesigns and suggested to the client. The outcome was successful and so far the tests have come back positive from users in terms of clarity of understanding of fund collection services.

Sub page Solution

Data visual exclamation of customers experience

Data visual exclamation of opponents experience

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