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Michael S. Clingerman

Mercer Island, Washington 98040  | Cell: 408.838.2848




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Artist, problem solver, designer, advertiser, Adobe Illustrator CC Ninja, ideation wiz, start-up-junkie, traditional Italian marble sculptor, and owner of a cat named Sushi.


Strong VSO PM skills 

UX strategy development & execution

PM-project management skills

Strong stakeholder relationship skills

Digital marketing understanding

Development knowledge and understanding
Ideation, sketches, wires, skinning
GUI, UI & UX, design skills​

Skilled problem solver



Passionate engagement in design with a deep understanding of digital media strategy and execution. Expertise in agency style fulfillment and lean team creation and delivery methodologies. Bringing proven knowledge of creative visioning, entrepreneurship, communication and PM experience, with an emphasis on product development, monetization and scalability, and for global brands and startups.



Mac OS, Windows, proficiency, Adobe Creative Suite Kama specializing in Adobe Illustrator CC. Microsoft Office, InDesign comma Deck development in Keynote and PowerPoint. Extensive Mark of experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision web tool.  Practice in team Agile & Scrum experiences.  Certified scrum master. Extensive wireframing experience in axure software comma Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq & wireframing software.  Strong proficiency with some 3D modeling software.

Secondary skills include: HTML, Twitter-bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, mobile frontend best practices. Beginner to intermediate experience in IOS and Android mobile platform development.



Centric Consulting, Redmond, WA  |  June 2015 ­present 

Senior (UX) User Experience Design Lead - Microsoft OneRM (MS Office)|  Feb 2015 ­present 

Participating in the analyzation, research, and evolution of a Microsoft cloud based marketing CRM marketing platform as Senior UXPM working with Agile SCRUM based teams, tasked with prototyping and productionalizing a next generation, usage data based, CRM platform called MS OneRM. PM skills include: Team forulation, VSO Sprint management of multiple teams, mentoring, Agency style creative management, fast mockup production, and POC to Platform Readiness in 10 mo.

  • Responsible for crafting a UX strategy, execution roadmap, timeline, and team creation.

  • Responsible for client engagements and setting expectations for all UX/UI deliverables, research, and analysis sourcing.

  • Daily development interactions to assure synchronicity and needs are met between UX, Design, and development.



Project Management - Microsoft OneRM (MS Office) |  June 2015 ­- Feb 2016

Participating in the creation of a Microsoft cloud based marketing CRM platform as (PM) Project Management of a lean Agile SCRUM based team, tasked with production of a next generation, usage data based, CRM platform called MS OneRM. ( from POC to Platform in duel environments.

  • Project Management of an $30M+ investment next generation CRM big data platform for Microsoft.

  • Stakeholder expectation management for multiple agile scrum teams.



StuffVentures LLC (StuffRescue Mobile App)  Seattle, WA  2015 - Present

Stakeholder and Co-founder

Developing a distributed technology stack across consumer-grade hardware for cost effective scaling and providing robust and responsive service to users.



  • Lead a lean team of co-founders building Android & IOS platforms - scheduled for launch in U.S., Canada, and EU Countries with a first to market approach, user testing scheduled late Q4 2016.

  • Creative direction of a unique brand using a viral-growth methodology of user adoption (The Lean Startup), frequent in-depth user engagement in micro communities, and inter-community actions.

  • Preliminary JV & testing with University of California at Berkeley as a staging ground for product release.

  • Developing a highly monetizable mobile platform business with a large scope of work in a short time vector with little capital.



POLAND Associates  Seattle, WA  2013 - 2014 Co-founder 

Co Founder, Creative Director

Provided brand identity and strategic communications consulting to multinational corporations, startups and non-profit organizations. Co-Create strategies and provide creative direction on projects. Partnered with a communications director and online business developer (Sonya Poland), to build comprehensive and long-term brand solutions for clients.



Nile Fiber ™ & Treefree Biomass Solutions Inc.,  Seattle, WA 2011 - 2012

Stakeholder, & Business Developer

Spearhead branding strategy, web deck materials, presentations for TFBS & Nile Fiber ™ product line, and annual shareholder speaker, (ADX - 2013 E-Crop approved by the US Government)



  • Provided funding for new R&D into torrefied E-Coal for (ADX). 

  • Formed and co guided JV partnership in a Hawaii valued at $300M.



Michael Sean Inc.,  San Francisco, CA  2003 - 2014

Business Developer & Designer

Manufacturer of designer furniture specializing in custom steel fabrication - Leveraged groundbreaking 3D-modeling approach to access fast sales.



  • Lean business model cutting product development lead times from 112 days to 7 days

  • Three (3) customer returns in (9) years of business with stellar customer reviews

  • Designed an efficient distribution system using ground truck transportation and customer service to guarantee a positive customer experience.

  • Developed extensive relationships with design professionals across the West Coast and New York City.



Senet Entertainment,  Wharton School of Business Incubator, Berkeley CA 2005 - 2006 

Business Developer, Co-Designer

Co-Designed in 3D, Manufactured and promoted “GameHex”, a provider of premium videogame event services. "Seen at Sundance 2005 Festival. Pitched and partnered with UC Berkeley on project to bring networked exterior campus based Kiosks for student awareness, entertainment, and file sharing with UC B. Dept. of Rec. Athletics



Sergio Davila Inc.  New York, NY / San Francisco, CA / Lima, Peru  2002 - 2004

Co-Stake Holder, Co-Creative Direction, & Business Developer


  • Menswear fashion brand with manufacturing in South America.

  • Spearheaded rebranding strategy, marketing, sales, and product development roles.

  • Perfecting distribution channels, two seasonal launches.

  • Expanded an 8 piece product line to 35 pieces in one year.

  • Saw a 300% profit on existing sales YOY due to manufacturing changes in South America.



Yahoo! Inc.  Sunnyvale, CA1997 - 2000

Yahoo! Interactive Design Director GUI

Built a skilled, well working creative production team managing all homepage campaigns sold by sales and fostered creative group camaraderie in my department. Managed, directed a group of designers, art directors, and web architects tasked with supporting and improving Yahoo! Properties. Improving homepage sales tools, and site-wide advertising research, backup design work for Y! Japan.


  • Strategy, Ideation, and development of a spectrum of advertising & promotional vehicles for fortune 100 advertisers

  • Effectively managed and produced numerous multimillion-dollar campaigns for clients. (Pepsi Cola, Procter & Gamble properties, American Airlines, Intel, The GAP, as well as Y! in-house campaigns like Y! Phone and Wallet, etc.)

  • Oversaw original brand development Yahooligans!

  • Co-Creative direction on Y! Personals

  • Strategized campaign ideas & pitches with sales to acquire new advertisers like Procter & Gamble


Yahoo! Inc.  Sunnyvale, CA1997 - 2000

Yahoo! Advertising R&D (20% roll of the above position)


  • Responsible for banner ad expansion program, participation in user testing groups (UX) feedback for product effectiveness and improvements, new ad unit review sessions

  • Team member of “The future of Yahoo!” Occasional ideation camps with executives and stakeholders to determine the future UX of the Yahoo! Network.

  • Product monetization ideation for many Y! Properties including Y! Personals, Y! Finance, Yahooligans!, Y! Mail, Y! Autos, Y! Wallet (Collaboration with property producers)

  • Fostered occasional cross-pollination and ideation of new monetizable products with sales and marketing departments for mockups, A-B Testing and consumer adoption.


Yahoo! Inc.  Sunnyvale , CA  2000 - 2001

Offline Art Director Yahoo! Marketing

Off-line brand management (Y! Brand Police), package design, and brand applications for products/merchandising new ventures with distributors as a team, Ad agency interactions guerrilla marketing ideation with marketing stakeholders.



Turner Network Television / Cartoon Network   Atlanta , GA 1996 - 1997

Co-Creative Direction for SPIV (Turner now Time Warner)



Ogilvy & Mather  Atlanta , GA 1995 - 1996  Freelance Art Director

Co-Led design pitches for Kodak, Gulfstream Airline, and Coca-Cola, and Griot’s Garage as spec work for new clients



Macuarium Inc.  Atlanta , GA  1994 - 1996  Georgia

Senior Art Director  Co-Managed a programing team of six + engineers and 3 art directors.



Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Savannah College of Fine Arts SCAD Savannah, GA


BFA Minor in Contemporary Art History - Savannah College of Fine Arts SCAD Savannah, GA


Human Centered Design (HCD) - Certificate of completion IDEO ​San Francisco, California


Certified SRCUM Master (CSM) - SCRUM Alliance, The Scrum Alliance


Interaction Design Foundation – Ongoing UX, UI, interactivity and cognitive psychology courses.


University of Washington   Seattle, Washington Winter, 2012

Coursework: Oct. 2012 Pulp & Paper/Bio-products 


Marble/Marble Symposium   Marble, Colorado Aug. 2001


Marble Sculpture - Certificate of completion - Marble/Marble Symposium Colorado (96 HR. Program)




Marble Sculpture Symposium Pietrasanta, Italy, Sept. 2001 (192 HR / 30 day Program)  

Marble Sculpture - Certificate of completion - Marble Sculpture Apprenticeship

Sabbatical & Professional Art Mentoring in Pietrasanta Italy. Oct. 2001 - May 2002

Advanced traditional Italian sculpture & Private 8 month apprenticeship with Kyle Smith, accomplished American sculptor




Design & branding strategy work

Ignite Nation (2012-2014) - Assisted Ignite Nation A peer mentoring nonprofit Seattle based education solution. Current and future projects include strategic marketing, product monetization strategy, and creative direction. (2016) - Inforgraphic creations and brand discover/development




Leadership & Community Development

Mindfulness meditation community development group organized and facilitated with volunteers the largest U.S. community centered in San Francisco, CA. 1200+ person community in congunction with the Berkeley Unity Church (2008-2011)


Social Concern and Awareness

Fine art rescue and Pro Bono work for the Stowitts Museum & Library (2000-2010) Assisted rescue of an American artist Stowitts.


Personal Development

Marble/Marble Symposium Aug. 2001 Marble, Colorado (96 HR. Program) Studied marble sculpture with Kazutaka Uchida & Madeline Wiener accomplished international Japanese sculptor.




Board Member - The Stowitts Museum & Library (2000-2010) Assisted rescue and recognition of Stowitts American artist


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