UX Case Study - in augmented reality

CASE STUDY - Bing Search

A 24 hour creative exercise in design thinking

Bing Search - A glimpse into the future of search on an imaginative level.


The Problem


An job application/ submission for "Design Principal" for Bing Search at Microsoft




What is possible in search today Imagine the future of search online from a truly interactive perspective. What needs to change? What needs to shift? If anything were possible, what might it look like?


The Solution


Bing Spherespace is about promoting 4 main factors in search: Search, Transparency, Augmented Interactivity, and visual story telling 


Spherespace is based on a person’s intuitive desire to feel or be part of kinesthetically, finding results to problems that they are searching for. Sphearspace is about including the user in on discovering the solution in which they’re searching for and showing them how they achieved goals visually over time. It’s also just plain fun!  

A glimpse into the future of search on a truly imaginative level. What if?