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UX Patterns

Retail product pattern merge using the Golden Ratio.

The following is a modified or blended pattern combining design features and design patterns both from as well as By leveraging the competition's best aspects of product display with respect to how they represent coupons and respond via feedback we can come to building a better solution.

Dual input pattern

A pattern to replace excessive options to the user  This solution allows the user to customize outcome unique to their campaigns. What's in the constructs of a campaign build process. Additionally the proposal of this pattern will also  reduce usable screen space above the fold thereby allowing other functionality on the page to expand.

Consolidating an interactive drag-and-drop pattern

The problem of changing an existing and annoying drag and drop pattern involved solving an engineering problem as well as balancing a stakeholder interest in showing multiple options as a selling point to the platform.

Ground up new responsive e-commerce patterns with membership

A fresh look for a completely redesigned outdoors retail e commerce platform. This website is currently generating large monthly revenues and the challenge is a fresh new and thoughtful approach to clear and constant delivery of retail data to customers.

Responsive NYC based reinsurance marketplace.

Underpinned by private blockchain technology, Tremor Technology is making headway and disrupting the reinsurance industry by launching a private marketplace designed to allow for both buyers and sellers of capacity to move into the next phase Secure platform based training.

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