Hi! I'm Michael.

A Product Designer. Passionate about HCI, data visualization, UX design, and qualitative collection.


A little about who I am...

Surfer, paddleboarder, entrepreneur, start-up-junkie...



Industrial designer, trained Italian marble sculptor, furniture designer, and painter.

As a connoisseur of espresso, I bow to the complexity of pulling the perfect shot.


A storyteller and public speaker on transformation, meditation, and achieving inner calm.

 Professional Deeper Dive:  

I have 20 years of brand, product design, UX, and as a creative and independent designer and artist. As one of Yahoo’s first employees, I held the role of Interactive Design Director where I specialized in new monetized solutions, product R&D, and product development. I've also worked as a co-creative director for Time Warner. A skilled designer, 3D designer, product manager, and certified SCRUM Master I'm adept at helping companies create innovative experiences. Looking forward, passion-projects... I'm interested in AR and Mixed Reality XR/UX for military and medicine applications. I'm pursuing the Unity Interaction Design & Prototyping for XR Certificate.  



I'm an avid paddleboarder and surfer in the PNW too Hawaii. My parents formally retired from the US Navy, and I've lived on both coastal seaboards of the United States as well as Puerto Rico and Italy. I'm an avid lover of the ocean, sea life, scuba diving, the environment, and those that will protect it like the SeaSheppard organization.  Additionally, I'm a fan of James Gandolfini Jr. and created a filmography infographic about his impressive carrier. 38 nominations and 19 carrier awards. I had no idea!


Cat hair in-keyboard.



Lead Product Design
Qual Research + UX & UI Design

Lead Product Design
UX Research | 
UX & UI Design

Bersin by Deloitte - Resouncive HR Research Platform and Digital E-Reader with infused D3JS.

Case Study: Ground-up redesign Digitally responsive research enterprise subscription platform.

Creative Direction
UXD, UI Design, Design System 

Bersin_Homepage.HR Event.png

Bersin by Deloitte - Resouncive HR Research Platform Marketing Website

Creative Direction: Marketing Website for a global responsive enterprise subscription platform.

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Lead HCI/UX Arch. and Designer
Qual Research +

Research, UX & UI Design

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Lead Product Design
UX Research | 
UX & UI Design

Case Study: Blockchain reinsurance marketplace that transparently prices and syndicates risk.


Data Visualization Project

Austin TX

Microsoft (Contract)
MSOneRm - One Client Relationship

Redmond, WA USA

Lead Product Design
UX Research | 
UX & UI Design

MSOneRm - One Client Relationship

Redmond, WA USA

Co-Product Design

NEW - Posting Soon.

Design System: Draftable’s error-free document comparisons make it easy to see changes side-by-side.

Team Product Design

NEW - Posting Soon.

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Design Process: We all have one. This is mine. 


JavaScript matching game: A demonstration of some basic javascript skills and some fun with stormtroopers.

Processing JS: An Apple TV screensaver is created using geometry at random positioning and color choice by the computer at 5M shapes per second.


Data Table Design in Figma for OpSec Security. - Solving for a problem in homogenization, themes, and accessibility.


Contract spec campaign and copywriting work for RVCA and Patagonia.

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